Our Mission

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Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

Amdas Training is built on a bedrock of 3 guiding principles: Ambition, Achievement & Acceleration

Ambition is part of our DNA as a training provider.  We have aspirations for both our staff and our learners, consistently utilising opportunities to stretch and challenge them.  In turn, staff and learners are fully supported and encouraged to be bold and creative in their learning.

Every member of staff at Amdas Training is dedicated to providing outstanding learning that ensures our learners achieve beyond their Apprenticeship.  Not only do our learners achieve, their positive impact on business ensures our employer partners achieve their businesses long term training goals.

Amdas Training works on a high impact learning basis with long term results. 

Yes, we are ambitious for our learners to achieve their Apprenticeship but the ultimate goal is to accelerate their career projection.